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We are here to assist you to become the best of the best in singing.  Are you an amateur who wants to sound better?  Or a pro who needs to "fine-tune" your sound?  We can help.  We provide articles, links and products to take you from where you are to where YOU want to be!! Watch the video below, read the article and go to our main site.  PLUS, pick up the FREE Report we provide for you!!

Singing-Vocal corrections? 

What do you do if you think that you learned to sing the "wrong way"?  Oh my, are you irreparably doomed to never appear on American Idol?  (Maybe that's not such a bad thing...)  Can you be re-trained in if you have started your learning to sing process in less than a great manner?

Today's Singing Thought:

Whether you are a beginner who's just learning to sing or one who is accomplished and want to vocalize more productively,  ASK YOURSELF:

Am I able and willing to correct past mistakes in my singing?   What does Brett Manning and his team think? 

Today we continue with the distortion, or "lies" if you will that many well meaning people with musical aspirations have bought into...counting down in reverse order.

Big Singing Lie #1 - People start out singing all wrong, so they must be taught (or re-taught) EVERYTHING, in order to sing "properly."

Truth - You MAY be doing SOME things wrong, but if you can speak, you are NOT doing everything wrong. When you speak, you are using the very same tools you need to sing--no more, no less. Read full article


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